Professional Development


Participants in the μEP REU will take part in a number of other activities to broaden and enrich the REU experience. The University of Arkansas hosts five undergraduate research programs simultaneously, and we capitalize on this to improve the experience for each individual. All summer program participants are housed in the same dorm to increase the sense of community.

The REU program kicks off with a welcome dinner including participants and mentors from all of the summer programs. On the second day, the μEP program hosts Summer Camp, an all-day team-building workshop that includes interactions with many other students and fun, creative activities.

Throughout the summer, each summer program hosts a night out for the participants. Past night outs have included bowling, roller skating, and a trip to a state park. The Graduate School also hosts several Dinner and Dialogues, with guest speakers on topics such as research ethics, interview skills, and graduate school.

A key supplementary component of the REU site is a three-day trip to the Dallas, Texas to visit four μEP manufacturing facilities for in-depth “behind the magic curtain” tours by senior personnel. The UA groups travel from Fayetteville to Texas on a Wednesday evening, visits three industry sites throughout the day Thursday to view the entire commercial world of μEP, and has a free day Friday to enjoy Dallas, including Six Flags, museums, and shopping. The group returns to Fayetteville on Saturday mid-day.

In addition, μEP REU participants attend weekly research meetings and are enrolled in a weekly ethics course along with μEP graduate students. The ethics class has provided the REU students a significant amount of ethical-concept practice time, resulting in a theoretical ethical knowledge base that can be applied to new ethical dilemmas as they arise.